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It’s all in the details…

The Howard Property Company takes great pride in our properties. We believe that your home should be a place to be proud of, and therefore, we put extra effort in making sure that our buildings reflect this core philosophy.

Our lobbies and common areas are renovated and inviting. Our Suites are bright and updated. Our staff is friendly and courteous. Our locations are attractive and convenient. From the moment that you walk into our buildings, you will feel a sense of pride that you have found a wonderful place to live.

We care for our tenants and anticipate their needs with thoughtful, expedient and courteous attention. Residents experience service with a personal touch that allows them to feel they come first. We also ensure that our rental properties meet our highest safety and aesthetic standards, and respond to any service requests immediately. Our buildings are equipped with 24 hour surveillance systems on each floor to ensure your safety.

Let us show you that the Howard Property Company is committed to you and changing the way that you live.